Celebrating an Early American Country Home

Kentucky Spice Cupboard by Paul Thomas Designs FurnituremakersOur early farmhouse primitives American country home is filled with country primitive furniture making everyday like a holiday.

On a chilled wintery day, or a moon-lit sultry August evening, the Early American primitive farmhouse is always comfortable and friendly. Stepback cupboards, hanging wall cupboards, farm tables, tin candle sconces, primitive lighting, and candles fill our country home.Early American Furniture

Upon entry you instantly know that you are somewhere special. The air is filled with the sweetness of fresh apples, from a distant room you hear the pleasing sound of laughter. Down the hall, in the kitchen, large yellowware bowls are filled with fresh cut apples and spice. On the old farm table, hand-made dough is being rolled for the perfect pie. It's a grand time in our primitive farmhouse.

The walls, within our Early American Home are whitewashed. Nearby the door is a Shaker Peg Rack. Hanging neatly are hats and coats. The baseboards, sometimes called mopboards or moldings are rich in color. The golden mustard blends well with the old maple pine floorboards. Even the outside of this New England Salt Box home is painted with Old Village Paint. The shutters, doors, clapboards, and trim each are cloaked by a wonderful historic American color.


Early American FurnitureWest Chester Stepback Cupboard by Paul Thomas Designs FurnituremakersStanding just inside the door, to one side there is a gathering room, the other, a dining room. The gathering room is filled with spectacular furniture. Large upholstered wing chairs are ever so inviting on this day of long travel. Between them is a lovely Queen Anne Tea table. A few steps away, near the large stone fireplace stands a beautiful tall quilt stand. Draped across it is a coverlet with a wedding ring stitch pattern. It is soft and comfortable. Next to the quilt stand is a great windsor chair. Indeed, our primitive farmhouse is wonderful.

The base of the tea table seems to show its age. It must be 200 years old. The black paint is heavily textured with traces of crackling that reveal the rich brown grain of the wood. The top is large and round and has a beautifully sculpted edge. The color is a deep autumn color. The grain seems to dance, it is tiger maple. It is spectacular.